Thanks to unique experience of Claudio Demartis as a titled sailor and sail maker, in CD Sails we know how long and difficult is the path to become a champion. And we wish to give our contribution to the success of the young OPTIMIST sailors not only by creating the most powerful and high-performing sails, but also by sharing our experience in CD Sails Academy. Every day we have an unique possibility to work with world level sailors and we believe that only by sharing this knowledge we can grow - all together. Thanks to the expertise, experience and collaborations we have, in our events we are available to choose and offer to the sailors the combination of the best experts, methods and approaches. In our trainings and academies we strive to give the maximum support to the Optimist sailors. We do not make our academies often, we do not make them crowded and we do not make them long. We prefer quality and a visible result, we care that each and every sailor goes home being faster.