Price, Taxes, Payments, Shipping

Placing and order
All users who are registered on the website may place an order, compiling the online form. As an alternative you can call or write us to place an order.

Cancelling the order
You can cancel your order within 24 hours  contacting us via

Pricing and taxes
The prices in our online shop do not include VAT, other taxes or eventual customs fees.


For the individuals and companies, the VAT of 22 % will be charged at the check-out.
If you are a company within the EU and you need a VAT-free invoice, we suggest you contact us directly at  and we will prepare the company invoice without VAT charges.

For the individuals and companies outside EU the VAT  will not be charged.

-If you are individual or company from extra EU country  and we ship the sail   to your country, we will not charge  VAT. However, in case you decide to pick up your sail  in Italy, we will be obliged to charge VAT of 22 % .
-If your order is passing  the custom procedures,  you might be asked to cover   taxes / custom duties according to the legislation of your country.  Our prices do  not  include  this kind of fees and   we invite you to inform about the duties and taxes that may be requested  when  goods enter in your  country.

After online purchase: Your payment   will be captured  within  48 hours after you have  placed your order.  In the following days you will also receive an invoice in your email for your information and eventual tax purposes.  
For direct orders:  We will prepare and send you  the invoice after you have placed a direct order  contacting us via phone or  email.  The sails will be only given for a shipment after we have received the payment  confirmation.  The  payment can be done  by standard bank transfer  using the  payment details  that will be given in the invoice. 

The sails are  rolled and packed in a  long box with dimensions  of 2.10 cm  x 15 cm x 15 cm .  As the box  has the non-standard  dimension,  the shipment costs are calculated on the base of the volumetric weight and not real weight.  It means that the  cost of the shipment is per box and not per sail and we can  put up to 5  sails in the box for the same  shipment  price.  We   do not send the sails folded and we do not send more than  5 sails per box to assure that the sails  are shipped  safely without any deformations of the shape.

Bulk Orders  of  more than 5 optimist sails 

If you plan to order more than 5 optimist sails we suggest  you to contact us by phone or to find the most convenient shipment rate for the bulk order. 

Preparing your order
It takes us  around 7 working days to prepare your order and submit it for a shipment. It may take more days  to prepare your order  in the peak periods. We will contact each client  directly to inform about the day when the order will be ready. 

As soon as your order is submitted for a shipment, you will receive a tracking number.
The shipment rates  depend on exact delivery address .  The shipment rates will be calculated at the check out after you input your delivery address.

Delivery times
On average the shipment may take :
- Italy: 2 days 
 - EU territory: 3-6 days  for standard shipment  and 2-3 days  for express shipment 
- Rest of the world:10-13 days  for the standard shipment and 5-6  days for express shipment (plus the time spent for the custom procedures).

Delivery times may vary depending on international or domestic shipping locations, especially during peak periods. If you need more precise  details about delivery times to your address, please feel free to contact us directly to

Customs procedure  extra EU deliveries 
Please be informed about eventual  custom fees and custom process of this type of items  in your country before making the order. Our  price does not include any eventual charges that may be requested on customs clearance to recipient.  CD Sails is preparing the requested documentation for the international shipment of the sails, however sometimes additional actions may be requested to receiver of the sails. Please be informed  and follow customs clearance  process (if requested)  in your specific country once the sails are delivered  on the destination.  Please don't hesitate to contact us if any specific documentation is requested for your destination   ( for example ATR  request).

Return Policy
CD sails products are custom products and as such, are non-returnable. In the case where a product is imperfect due to measurements, materials or workmanship errors or omissions, we will fix  or replace  the product. Please refer to the  for complete details.