performance and design

Racing Sails

Custom-made, high-performance racing sails – cured in every smallest detail to achieve the outstanding results.

The details make the difference - that is the main philosophy of CD Sails when creating the custom made racing sails.

Our personal world winning racing experience has taught us that the real art of designing high – performing racing sails is in the details. We are able to design all sizes and types of sails according to the type of boat exact needs you have.

Every aspect of the sail is studied to achieve maximum performance in all the sailing conditions. Every single element is elaborated to perfection. There are no compromises – we pay attention to every smallest detail to achieve the premium quality sail – the sail to win. Starting from the choice of materials, outstanding design, handcrafted features.

These are just some of the characteristics that ensure the unique mix of exceptional performance and design.

Not sure about the sail that fits you best?