Claudio Demartis

Claudio Demartis

The CD Sails is the new international sailmaking brand founded by Claudio Demartis.

He began racing at a young age having many successes at national and international level, first in dinghies and then in the offshore categories. He has won 3 world championships, 4 «Giro d'Italia» races, as well as numerous other national titles.

Besides being a sailor of success, he started to design and produce sails already in 1976, before founding the world-known sail loft Olimpic Sails where his sails achieved many victories in all the classes.

During his career he had a chance to share his experience with many young sailors. This contribution has helped and still today helps them to win the most important races in the world

As a general manager, he also gave a significant contribution to the development of the world’s largest regatta, the Barcolana, as well as created other events and projects of success.

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CD Sails

The CD Sails is the result of more than 40 years unique personal world winning racing and sails making experience which allows us to create the high performing Optimist, cruising and racing sails.

The  500square meter sail loft  in  Monfalcone is  organized  to  make  only Optimist sails  with strictly defined production process and  special work  stations for each production stage. 

All sails are  assembled only by Claudio Demartis, assuring  the ‘same  hand, same eye’  in the very delicate assembly process.   This level of attention and organization  are one of the pillars that assure already proven performance and quality.

After being founded at 2019, CD Sails  are already present  in more than 30 countries, are chosen  by TOP level sailors  and  have achieved first places  in  numerous national  and international regattas including  podiums in most important Optimist events-   World Championship, European Championship, Asian&Oceanian Championship  and other races.

In numerous countries CD Sails is already recognized  as  one of  3 top of mind choices for the Optimist sails. 

CD Sails have studied and  are providing 4 models that are covering main weight ranges. Defined  amount of models  allows to  orientate  easily between the right models for coaches and sailors and   eases up the  stock  management  for our partners.

Thanks to the unique personal experience of Claudio  as   sailor and sailmaker, in CD Sails we know how long and difficult is the path to become a champion. And we wish to give our contribution to the success of the young OPTIMIST sailors by creating the most powerful and high-performing sails and sharing our experience in our CD Sails Academy.

The deeply personal story  is the reason why we strive  to make the sails that are truly helping you  to be faster and better.  This is why we are always opened and reachable at any time to answer your questions and support you from a distance or by sailing together.

Because we have really experienced - how much it's hard to learn, how much it's fun to sail and compete, and how much it’s cool to win.