Optimist Sail Measurement Certificate

VAT Excluded
Your Optimist sail measurement certificate certificate is lost or damaged? Check out what can you do.

Our sails are provided with the official measurement certificate and it is included in the price of the new sail. 

For sails without numbers, we provide 1 sheet with a measurement certificate of the sail.

For sails with numbers, we provide 2 sheets- a measurement certificate of the sail and a measurement certificate of numbers.  

We do not keep copies of the measurement certificates,  therefore we invite sailors to make copies of their certificates in case the original is lost or damaged. 

If your sail needs a new certificate, we can take care of it during the measurement appointments in our sail loft  (you have to organize delivery and pick up of the sail).

The cost of the  new certificate is: 

30.00 Eur for the sail with numbers

25.00 Eur for the sail without numbers.

Please contact us directly in case you want to do a measurement in our sail loft. 

As an alternative, you look for the official measurer in your area or measure the sail in the regatta where the measurement controls are done. 


In case you  need an empty measurement  sheet you can download it here: 




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