49/50+ kg
Optimist Mainsail


VAT Excluded
Designed for the heaviest sailors of 49/50+kg , groundbreaking sail even when it comes to light wind and waves

The sail number(s) will be printed on the sail using a dark gray color.

CD Booster is the newest and deepest sail in the range- designed to assure the high-performing Optimist sail for most heavy sailors with weight starting from 49/50+ kilograms.

Officially launched on 2023 after many months of testing with numerous TOP level sailors and non,  the sail already has won Asian and Oceanian Championship  2022 as well as other international regattas. 


The maximum point of the curves is positioned more in the front part of the sail whereas the exits of the curves are quite flat. These characteristics of the shape of the sail permits to :
- perform very well not only upwind but also downwind
- reach the maximum hull speed even in conditions with light wind and waves that are often pretty challenging conditions for heavy sailors.

Some suggestions

To reach the maximum speed in the strong wind, make sure you pull the mainsheet as much as possible! This will permit you to have good pointing without losing speed when sailing upwind.
When sailing close-hauled, pay attention not to keep the foot of the sail too much loose. The sail shape is already designed deep enough.

For the heavier  sailors  of 50 kg and more , we suggest to go with stiffer mast , for example MK4 mast. 


The highest quality fabrics - the 2.99 polykote Dacron from Contender guarantees the best technical characteristics and the most durable sailcloth in the Optimist class.


Our sail design follows the International Optimist Dinghy Association (IODA) class rules. Every sail is constantly measured and controlled during production and certified according to Optimist Class regulations.  Each sail is provided with an official measurement certificate.

    Your complete Optimist Sail includes:
    • Sail
    • Window
    • Battens
    • IODA Optimist Sail Label
    • Optimist Class Logo (Dark Grey)
    • Sailbag
    • Tell Tales
    • Class Measurement / Certificate
    • Sail Number (optional)

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