Claudio Demartis talks about 2023

News and success of CD Sails and an invitation to keep on following your dreams, because the "salty" ones are the most beautiful

"2023 has been a year of success, both in terms of sales and results" responds Claudio on the question of how the year 2023 has passed here behind the walls of the Italian sail loft.


First of all there has been a lot of hard work in terms of the technical development. In addition to already existing models Flat, Medium and Power, at the beginning of the year a new Booster model was launched – designed for the sailors in the highest weight range. It was a long research and development process where a great part of it was done also together with coach Pavlo Dontsov and Sviatoslav Madonich. Sailor who conquered a lot of international podiums with CD Sail and who was also preparing for his last Optimist World Championship in Spain – characterized by light winds that are very challenging conditions for heavier sailors.


The work with such a small sail might seem easy, but in reality, it is an extremely complex work. Opti sail with its small surface requests huge attention and precision and even half millimeter can change the design and determine the performance of the sail.   It is also challenging work due to the high overall level in the world in Optimist class – not only sail designs but all equipment is constantly evolving, the level of producers is very high. Also, the race course, technics… it is always increasing.


In this year we have also done an important investments to improve our production process. One of those is a new advanced cutting table.  The first results are exciting – thanks to last generation plotter we are able to achieve even greater precision. This is a very concrete advantage that will help us to create even more performing and faster sails!


Our spirit is that we as sailmaker must be able to provide the perfect sail to each sailor with no exceptions. Each sail must be the best sail- the world champion or the last sailor in fleet must have the same perfect sail.  We can do it because each sail is made with the utmost care throughout all the production process - from design and cutting of the sailcloth, assembling and control of the panels and curves of each sail, attentive pretensioning process…. all the way to the application of the final details and accessories.

This obsessive attention is also possible because each sewing machine, each workstation are planned to assure the production process of sail-loft that is rather a high-level tailor-made ‘atelier’ and not just an industry.


Thanks to continuous tests in the water with our partners and coaches, improvements come every day and we never stop experimenting to reach a higher and higher level. Now we are working on a new sail with a radial low end and from the first tests it performs very well showing an excellent shape in different conditions.


Since he was a child, Claudios life has been connected with the sailing world and he never misses the opportunity to wish all the young guys who sail to keep the spirit and passion for this wonderful sport.

 "You are lucky to have such a special passion for this fascinating world, and most important is to keep enjoying what you do". An invitation to keep on following your dreams, because the "salty" ones are the most beautiful 😊