1st. Kinder Joy of Moving regatta with CD sails as winning sails

This month is staring with the great news. Some incredible results from our athletes at the first regatta of the Kinder Joy of Moving, at Campione del Garda, with the support of the clubs, Univela Sailing and Società Canottieri del Garda and the Yatch Club Aquafresca.

The regattas have been very complicated because of the instable wind. After waiting for a long time, we have been able to complete two races, where our athletes have shown an awesome performance.

The winner of the Juniors category is Leonardo Vanelo, with CD sails MEDIUM sail, who demonstrated great equilibrium and determination arriving first and third place in the 2 races.

Winner optimist sails

At the sixth place there is Lorenzo Sirena - despite this was the first time he is sailing in the Garda Lake, in the first race he took the first place and lost only some positions in the second race.

Lorenzo explained that the competition has been very complicated because of the unpredictable wind: “in the first race there where 17 to 20 knots and in the second race we started with 15 knots and finished with nearly 5 knots. Also, Lorenzo is using CD Medium sail, which is studied to achieve maximum performance in all the sailing conditions.

the best optimist sails, optimist sailing

On top of this, our sailor Artur Brighenti who is 10 years old, has concluded the competition with a second place in the cadets category. Arthur has been sailing our CD Sails FLAT sail, showing high capability to race with difficult conditions as the ones which they had this weekend. This sail is perfect for kids who weight up to 35 kilograms, it is an “easy and speedy” sail, by being fast and easy to trim.

fast optimist sails winning optimist regatta

It has been a very interesting and complicated regatta at the amusing Campione del Garda. We are going back home very satisfied from the results of our athletes, and from the performance of our sails.