Maximize your performance with our TRANING  PROGRAM.  Individual  approach to the needs of each sailor  will help to gain real and immediate improvements.  Choose the date, location and coach  and join with a maximum flexibility.  1st day is free for  sailors that have ordered new CD Sail in 2023

Opened  Trainings/  Permanent Academy

The aim  of  CD Sails Opened Trainings (Permanent  Academy)  is to  offer  a truly individual  approach to each sailor  helping to  gain real immediate improvements.

This solution is perfect for Optimist sailor who: 

- wants  an individual attention working in a very small group where coach can concentrate  on the individual needs and improvement of the sailor. 

- is looking for a  full immersion in his new CD sail  having a top level support that helps to get out the best performance of the sail. 

How does it function:

You can join to any ‘OPEN TRANING DAYS’  in a super flexible  way – just pick up the  dates  you want  and let us know!   You can choose any date that suits your  plans, any amount of days, coach and location. These trainings are  organized in a very small groups inserting a   a sailor in the team of the coach.    You  can chose the coach to support you also during the regatta.



Pavlo Dontsov: Internationally  recognized Optimist  coach  of Ukraine team and one of the last year’s most titled sailor Sviatoslav Madonich. During the last year Pavlo team has taken the highest podiums  and victories in all the most important  international regattas.

Santiago Lopez: One of the most experienced  coaches  working with many talented and  recognized sailors. Master’s degree in Sport Science, currently head coach  of the Helsingfors Segelklubb (Finland).

Claudio Demartis: Owner of CD Sails, founder of Olimpic Sails. Sailor of many successes at a national and international level, winner of 3 world championships. Sail making  experience  of more than 40 years,  vast technical knowledge of Optimist sailing equipment

Training Program: 


22-24.01  Training /  Torrevieja , Spain/ Pavlo Dontsov

26-29.01  Regatta XV Trofeo Euromarina Optimist Torrevieja / Torrevieja , Spain/ Pavlo Dontsov



3-5.02       Training /  L'Escale Costa Brava)  / Spain /  Pavlo Dontsov

10-11.02   Training /  L'Escale (Costa Brava), Spain /  Pavlo Dontsov

12-14.02   Training / Palamos, Spain / Pavlo Dontsov

16-19.02   Regata   XXIX International Palamos Optimist Trophy/ Palamos, Spain / Pavlo Dontsov

18-26.02   Training  /Trieste & Pola / Santiago Lopez

23-28.02   Training / Valenzia, Spain/ Pavlo Dontsov



2-5.03            Regata  OptiOrange / Valenzia, Spain/ Pavlo Dontsov/ Claudio Demartis

8.03                Training /Lake Garda, Italy / Pavlo Dontsov

9-12.03          Regatta Centenary Regatta /Lake Garda, Italy / Pavlo Dontsov

11-19.03        Training  /Trieste & Pola / Santiago Lopez/Claudio Demartis

16-19.03        Training /Lake Garda, Italy / Pavlo Dontsov

23-26.03        Traning /Lake Garda, Italy / Pavlo Dontsov



80 Eur  per Day

First day is  FREE  for sailors that have ordered a new sail  in 2023 

While we reserve a special treatment for CD Sailors, we  welcome with pleasure any sailor -  regardless the  sailing equipment  he uses. 



We can provide a charter boats  with 45 Eur per day. 


You  can   book the training contacting us directly:
+ 39 327 7310725