Maximize your performance with our SPECIAL PACKAGE ''NEW SAIL + COACHING''. Buy CD Sail and get 2 training days on the Garda Lake included.  Individual  approach to the needs of each sailor  helping to  gain real and immediate improvements.  Book your 2 coaching days in any comfortable time  for you.


Buy CD Sail and get 2 training days on the Garda Lake included.

We have been studied a special solution  to offer a full immersion in your  new sail - to help you to get the best out of it, and many more!  

Every sailor has a chance to book a special package  NEW SAIL + COACHING which means  you will get your new sail + the possibility  to book 2 training days  on Garda lake included in the price. 

The aim  of  CD Sails Permanent  Academy  is to  offer  a truly individual  approach to each sailor  helping to  gain real immediate improvements.


Who can participate

Any sailor who has chosen the package CD SAIL + COACHING. The training is opened  for  all sailing levels and nationalities. The training will be adjusted to the individual needs of each sailor. 



The first Permanent Academy point  (follow up, we will have more points soon )  is chosen on the Garda  Lake. Perfect  for it’s wind conditions and  infrastructure to make  the training  as efficient and pleasant as possible.

Acquafresca Sport Center ASD - Via Dell' Acqua Fresca, n.3, 37010 Brenzone sul Garda VR



You can book 2 sailing days  whenever you feel it’s comfortable for you.    We will verify the availability of places in the group and do our best to assure the place in your chosen dates.



Claudio Brighenti - very experienced junior sailing coach since 1991. Recognised as one of the top experts in junior dinghy coaching worldwide, not only for 30 years of  experience but especially for the consistency of international achievements obtained throughout the years in the  different junior classes. Check out more  some of the   individual and team results  obtained in the Optimist class   here


2 Days Training Programme
In each training day  are planned on average 5 hours of training which will consist from:

  • Briefing
  • Training in the water
  • Debriefing with photos and videos.

Precise training schedule  will be set up according to the  weather conditions.

The training will be organized  in the group of max. 8 sailors.



We suggest to come with complete equipment and own boat. Please make sure you inform us advance if  you need  to rent the boat.



Package CD SAIL +  COACHING : 400.00 Eur + VAT (22 %)

(N.B. CD SAIL +  COACHING is a special package.  In addition we always maintain the possibility to  buy SAIL ONLY for the  usual price of  350.00 Eur + VAT  contacting us directly or  via online shop)


Shipment of the Sail

If you decide to get  your sail  upon you arrival on Garda Lake, it  will be included  in the  package SAIL + COACING  price.

If you wish to receive the sail in any other moment  at any other location before your arrival to the  coaching location,  we will kindly ask you to cover the shipment  costs. 



You  can   book the package  CD SAIL+ COACHING contacting us directly
+ 39 327 7310725

Please  include the details of  sailor ( age, weight, experience, sail number) and the dates  when you might like  to book the 2 coaching days. 



The payment can be made via bank transfer after you have received the invoice with all the payment details included.  Please include the name  and  invoice reference when doing the bank transfer.


Via Tor Bandena n. 1, 34121 TRIESTE

Partita iva 01069360327

Banca Popolare di Verona

Cod. IBAN:   IT58 B 05034 02200 000000080440 



Accommodation and meals 

Participants have to  organize independently   the  accommodation and meals.  To use as much as possible   the  favourable  wind conditions  of  Garda Lake  the meal  of athlete can be organized  in the boat  or on the shore.   We will  inform you a day before so you can organize for  the lunch accordingly.   

For the accommodation we can suggest  our partner hotels


Please contact  us in case you are interested  to book one of our partner accomodations.  We will suggest you the best solution on the base  of your needs.

Please feel free to contact us for any further details
CD Sails
+ 39 327 7310725

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